Coes Summer campaign launch

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Our brief from Coes was to create a campaign which would combine their involvement with The Elmer's Big Parade art trail which has been organised to raise money for St Elizabeth Hospice whilst promoting their Summer style and encouraging people to shop local .

This campaign idea was a direct result of delving deeper into the origins of Elmer’s story.

  • Elmer’s tale is all about celebrating differences. 

  • All friends pulling together.

  • Embracing diversity with a clear message that everyone can join the party.

A Carnival of Colour

The high street has become homogenised - it’s the independent shops that create interest. They’re different from the rest and bursting with colour, passion and personality.  This Summer Coes are celebrating the colourful array of businesses that surround them on the high street where their 3 shops are located; Ipswich, Maldon and Felixstowe. These towns are brimming with independent retailers, each bringing their own individuality, creativity and innovation to the high street.  All these businesses are owned by people with a real love and passion for what they do, and for the role they play in their local communities.

Shop keepers and business owners became our models, dressed in Coes outfits, on their premises, bright + vibrant spaces. The message is one of community spirit, positivity and celebrating differences. 

We loved getting to know each of the business owners who participated in the photo shoot for Coes and discovering so many more independent business along the way.  We hope this campaign will help unite the independent business owners who we admire so much and encourage people to think about how they can support local businesses and invest their money into the communities in which they live.

The Journal this Spring/Summer is full of bright and vibrant fashion, individual style and positive reasons to celebrate. You can Pick up a copy in store or follow @Coes_stores on social for more information about the campaign and how to get involved. 

We have been working with Coes since 2017 as their Creative Agency. Coes present a unified campaign strategy across three shops and online. We are responsible for their Creative strategy, Design and Photography for campaigns which work across all aspects of their business; Marketing, In-store, Website, Social and Display.

As a small independent business ourselves we like nothing better than working with like minded independent businesses who are passionate about what they do and really care about providing a unique service to their customers. 


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