New Signature style campaign for Coes

The new ‘Signature Style’ campaign has launched at @coes_online. This is the third time we’ve run this campaign and it’s by far one of our most enjoyable photo shoots. All models are Coes customers, selected by department managers who think they stand out in regards individuality, style and personality. 
Very few people have modelled before and to begin with they are a little shy but they soon warm up as they get less aware of their studio surroundings and more focussed on conversation. We capture them in full-effect! 
We love getting to know them and hearing their take on their own signature style. 
Thank you @amitlahav@helenrunsdavies , @kiziwoo and Shyam, @eddburgess and of course lovely @oliveoilcockapoo 🐶 

Find out more at | @coes_online | and take a walk down Norwich Road to see the windows - they’re looking great! 

Photography | Creative Agency: WHAT