A New Brand Identity for BeMighty

Bev & I worked with What Associates to create our brand and were handheld throughout.
Having not been through the branding process previously it was all explained clearly and without haste, such that we felt educated and nurtured thoughout! We felt able to ask questions when we didn’t understand and together we have made something we are very proud of and that is robust and capable of evolving as the company does too.
Wendy and her team worked tirelessly to create something that Bev and I both engaged with, this required lots of openness from both parties and WHAT made this development work easy to do and invited us and reassured us that we would find the right words and images for our new entity. They were right! We love it!

I would recommend WHAT without a shadow of a doubt. They help you fine tune the essence of what it is you are trying to create and distils it into your brand.
— Miriam & Bev (BeMighty)

We were approached by Bev and Miriam to help them name and brand their new company.

They were combining their skills in Life coaching and Sailing coaching to empower women in business and in the wider world. The sailing and life coaching courses promote self-confidence, self reliance, and development of self-esteem, good health and general wellbeing. Changing the way women live life for the better.  

BeMighty combines sailing with life-coaching to create an entirely new and life affirming experience, made for women, by women.

The courses will involve taking women out of their comfort zone. 3 strangers embark on a weekend voyage of discovery at sea while developing new skills and greater self belief and confidence. Initially the business will be focussed on corporate training however their mission is to open the courses up to women from a range of backgrounds who would also benefit from their empowerment and confidence coaching.

We loved Bev and Miriam from the moment we met them and whole heartedly believed in their idea and their ability to make a successful business.

We began with naming.

BeMighty combines both the initials of the founders names Bev and Miriam. BeMighty is open and flexible allowing for growth and diversity. A range of opportunities and services for people to identify with.

The identity
Our brief was to create a powerful identity which embodied Bev and Miriam’s beliefs and character. They are central to their business and we wanted them to be very visible in the design treatment.

The Monogram
This design incorporates the founders initials B & M as a monogram. The lines are used to suggest a wake from a boat providing momentum while the tilted direction looks positive and dynamic. The typeface is highly legible, bold and the line of the brand mark and the typography match in weight. The mark also resembles a graphic heart.

The BeMighty logo consists of three elements: the heart symbol, name typography and strap-line. 

Pattern + Colour

Diagonal stripes can be used for pattern to accompany the identity. A twist on the traditional horizontal stripe pattern worn at sea. The stripe pattern can be recreated with the colours from the BeMighty palette. Four colours work together to form a concise look.


In this instance we were asked to provide guidance and art direction rather than produce the photography.

The imagery used to promote BeMighty should be Bold, Vibrant and Dynamic like them. We suggested a reportage style of portrait photography to capture raw emotion + the experience.

We also encouraged BeMighty to incorporate stripes, lines and horizons into any brand photography and imagery for consistency: Ropes, Masts lined up, Horizon lines, Sewn sails, Sea linear maps, Decking, sunsets