New brand identity for Okika Advanced Beauty

OKIKA brand identity by WHAT associates

Our brief from Natasha was to create a name and identity for her new advanced beauty salon.

Naming is a difficult process to define. The way we approach naming is look for an over arching a concept and then a naturally a name is discovered through this strategic process. 

Our starting point for this project was: symmetry

SYMMETRY influences judgments of aesthetic traits of physical attractiveness and beauty.

We considered how to represent symmetry typographically and looking at names which worked with this theme, exploring palindrome / ambigram naming conventions.

Typographically we looked at words from different angles and vantage points, literally and figuratively.

It was important the name sounded enjoyable to say and would be easy to understand and remember. A unique name which would stand out from her competitors and give the right impression. Embody the modern and progressive nature of the beauty treatments on offer at the advanced beauty salon.

Ten names in all were shown to our client, three rounds of attempts and then Okika advanced beauty was invented.

We later discovered Okika is Hawaiian for orchid, and Natasha’s favourite flower. Interestingly something we’d discussed in our first ever discovery meeting.

The design process went through many alliterations before we finalised on a design.

Creative conception

We wanted an icon for Okika to be a symmetrical, graphical & geometric representation of an orchid. The identity and colour scheme would literally glow, representing all the positive benefits of a visit to Okika and the happiness you feel. The final design resembled neon tubes as this was a consideration for an interiors scheme.

We wish Natasha Southgate luck as she embarks on her new business venture with her new name and branding.

Client: Natasha Southgate - Okika Advanced Beauty
Creative Agency: WHAT associates.

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Okika Advanced Beauty