Our clients come in all shapes and sizes and from a variety of sectors.

We help businesses, both big and small, across a multitude of sectors to communicate in smart and creative ways whether that be graphic design, advertising, art direction, photography , digital or print marketing. We enjoy the whole design process – from meeting clients, creative strategy, design and everything that follows. We appeal to a broad range of sectors; Retail, Film Production, Dance companies, Interior designers, Toy invention studios, Photographers, Crafters + Designers, Event planners, Communication agencies, Hairdressers and beauticians, Fitness Studios, Charities, Property Developers, Insurance companies & Food + Drink.

Alexandra Langdon Ltd


We have been working with  Alexandra Langdon to create a brand identity for her interiors business. Our concept is based on the way she approaches interiors, focussing on how people use their space and the ergonomic flow. Alexandra then draws on her love of art, textiles, furniture and classical architecture to create unique designs combining colour, pattern and contemporary fabrics. Working from her studio in Aldeburgh, Alexandra works with clients all over the UK and overseas.

Website + Photography

We've loved working together and we look forward to a continued relationship going forward. 

I approached What Associates to create a brand identity for my business. The initial brief seamlessly extended to cover a whole host of services and they are now my creative agency for all on going marketing and branding decisions. What Associates are charming, enthusiastic and sensitive to clients needs. They have a fantastic eye for detail and deliver fresh, inspiring designs that reflect their clients brands. I highly recommend working with them.
— Alexandra Langdon

Bascule Equine Underwriting

Naming | branding| design | photography



Our client was looking to launch a specialist Equine insurance business. We were asked to name, brand and create design collateral for the global business. Although starting in the Equine world, the business is looking at possible expansion in the future into other high net-worth items, for example yachts. Initially the business will begin trading in the US, then the business will set up a UK / Global division.


/ˈbæskjuːl/ is the natural round arc a horse’s body takes as it goes over a jump. 

A bascule bridge (sometimes referred to as a drawbridge) is a moveable bridge with a counterweight that continuously balances a span, or “leaf”, throughout its upward swing to provide clearance for boat traffic. It may be single- or double-leafed. 

The name comes from the French term for balance scale, which employs the same principle. The name suggests strength and precision, flexibility and progression. 


The dynamic arc below the word- mark is defined as a section of two overlapping circles. The arc is dynamic and progressive, suggesting forwards motion. The heal of the ‘L’ of Bascule has been rounded to match the curve of the ‘SCU’ of Bascule. 

Colour palette.

The colour palette we’ve selected is strong, trustworthy, versatile and premium. 

The key colour 319 - turquoise is a colour which represents trust and prosperity. 

2755 acts as a secondary colour which allows the turquoise to ping. This a regal, stable colour. 

431 is a stable, solid grey and white allows the your brand to have space. 

There are two secondary colours 7408 and 199 - these will be useful for charts and diagrams. 


We’re working with our client to provide a library of images to compliment the brand identity.



We are Coes’ creative agency. We have been working with them since 2016. We devise their strategy, advertising, design collateral, marketing and photography for each of their four Coes shops and website.

Case study

Phase 1

We began working with Coes in early 2016. At this time, Coes had no formal brand guidance. After consultation we encouraged them to embark on a brand development strategy which would allow for greater unity and brand recognition across all their visual communication. 

Branding doesn't just mean 'a logo', in fact the Coes logo remained the same. We did however, synchronise the other two group store names, Goddards and Golding, so that they look like they belonged to the same family. We defined their core messaging and identity to be constantly and coherently translated across all avenues of marketing and advertising. The result of this is a much stronger brand presence. 

The Coes family of stores had grown to encompass 6 stores and three names. We devised a strategy and brand messaging that encompassed the progressive direction they were taking. We developed a unified Coes voice. A clear brand message summarised who they were, and what they stood for to give a comparable personal experience in-store, online and marketing. 

We are lifestyle photographers and could see how this style of imagery could benefit Coes and help them engage with their customers. It was important to us that the Coes personality shone through! By focusing the attention on Coes style rather than Coes brands we could use photography to replica an attitude, a feeling and character. This can build a brand identity that customers want to belong to. 

Coes work with two other creative agencies, who look after Goddards and Golding, and the results of our branding process played an essential role in how they briefed their agencies going forward. The guidelines gave Coes ultimate control and made their lives so much easier and the results were more successful, unified and 'on brand'. Our brand book provided Coes and their agencies with design guidelines setting out how Coes branding could and should be used plus a suite of resources which could be used across all aspects of their identity and communication. 

Phase 2

We have encouraged Coes to engage in campaign-driven marketing allowing a unified concept to appear within all the touch-points with their customers whether online, in-store, on social media or through direct mail and advertising.

We designed a new magazine, The Coes Journal, as an expression of the Coes’ brand. Our photography excels the virtues of how it feels to wear the brands they sell with content that is interesting and insightful. Copy is consistent with the brand tone-of-voice so the result is that it looks, feels and reads like Coes.

We are currently implementing their brand identity in store through bags and packaging, a Winter/Summer sale identity and stationery. We designed a custom typeface for the Sale brand identity that remains uniquely Coes whilst standing out from their competitors. 

The process we have been through with Coes, has effectively delivered coherence across their family of stores whilst also making their marketing more efficient and cost-effective. 


WHAT from the outset, helped us to look at the DNA of our organisation and have built an advertising strategy based around that. The time and effort reviewing who we are and what we stand for has manifested itself into campaigns that are targeted and have a great resonance with our customer base. There attention to detail and ability to continually review each piece to ensure it is in keeping with the overall script is outstanding. But most importantly they are a pleasure to work with.
— William Coe



Case study

We created branding and photography for Ché, Bespoke Tailor. The branding uses the accent within ‘Ché’ to create a needle holding the logo in place. Alongside there is a monogram for use on garment details such as shirt cuffs.

FUSE London



Case study

In October 2015, FUSE initially got in touch with us to talk about how they might engage with their audience through social media.

After spending some time getting to know them, we realised that; how they represented themselves as a brand online did not correlate with the incredibly vibrant and exciting studio they were. So, we amended the brief…

We encouraged them to embark on a branding redesign - redefining who they were and how they wanted to be perceived. We worked together to create a new brand identity. Strategy came first - who, what, where and why? Then a strong strapline and brand statement, a suite of graphic elements that could be used across all aspects of their work, a colour palette which allowed them versatility and finally a tone of voice and visual language which ‘felt’ like FUSE. Strategy, attitude, photography, illustration and language all coming together to project a unified and cohesive vision.

After branding, came their website - fuse.uk.com. We wanted to bring the FUSE London studio to life. We spent time getting to know everyone in the studio so that we could accurately document their world. Photographing their incredible machines, delving into drawers, hanging around spray booths… a blissful photography brief. We knew imagery would be key to provoking the right vibe. We encouraged them to keep copy short and punchy - letting the work do the talking. Their website has been designed to allow them complete control over all their content, the homepage can be filled with video or photography depending on their focus - it will evolve like they will. 

FUSE London now have an accurate online visibility - a brand they feel truly represents them. So, now we are working with them on their original brief to us… helping them build their community online.

“Since the end of 2015, FUSE have worked very closely with Wendy Hodgson and her team at WHAT Associates to create our new digital home. WHAT are a Suffolk based group with big brand experience, using their special knack of elevating a company’s web profile with their warm and creative expertise. WHAT’s expert eye has brought a fresh and vibrant perspective to the day to day working life of FUSE’s busy studio. Our team were hugely impressed by the time they spent getting to know us and what we do. With their exceptional photography and design talent they have captured the energy, passion and creativity of our business with a compelling visual and brand led treatment that was bang on brief. We are delighted with the end result and it was a lot of fun working with Wendy. We hope you like our new website and branding as much as we do!”

— Pete Cartlidge. Partner & Commercial Director. FUSE London

Greyhound pub


Case study

We began working with The Greyhound in 2015. We approached them as we felt their previous branding did not reflect the quality of their offering. The Greyhound is an Adnams’ pub serving good quality, locally sourced food, which they are justifiably renowned for. They were keen to look at a rebrand, but conscious that they didn't want to fall into the ‘Gastro-Pub’ sector.

Our solution was Maurice. Maurice is a Greyhound and is the mascot of the pub. He has been designed to be adorned to reflect the spirit of the communication; so when they're organising a golf day, Maurice is seen resplendent in plus-fours, and when he's used to advertise the pub in a programme for a The Wolsey Theatre’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, he sprouts wings as though he is one of the fairies. Maurice is flexible and fun, which we feel reflects the pub perfectly.

We’ve also redesigned the menus and gift vouchers. The menus have been produced using a 100% recycled stock, whilst the gift vouchers have been produced with a gold foil finish to add a sense of value.

We worked with WHAT to redesign our brand identity and strategy, that then lead onto a fantastically vibrant set of menus, posters, adverts and now gift vouchers. Their flexibility and creativity has enabled us to have an awful lot of amusement with our imagery and their brilliant photographs of our food and drinks really capture day to day life in a pub. We are really pleased with the end result and will work with them again.
— Dan Lightfoot

Perfect Channel


Case study

We photographed at Perfect Channel's head office in London. Our brief was to capture the environment in which they worked and relaxed management portraits for their website.

“WHAT associates brought a fresh perspective and great creativity to our brief. Not only that, but they’re friendly and approachable. Professional, creative and friendly. We’ll work with them again.”

— Phil Bird

University of Suffolk

Signage DESIGN

We work with the University of Suffolk, designing signage for the university and the Student Union HQ and shop.

Working alongside the UOS union and UOS Project Officer we have created a new identity for the UOS Union shop. The identity which works across uniforms, signage and future SU collateral and compliments their existing SU brand identity. We have also designed a 30 x window installation which displays a map of Ipswich and the surrounding area of East Anglia, across the North Sea to Holland and the Netherlands.







Case study

Helga asked us to work with her to name, brand, offer creative direction and create all the required printed and online collateral for her new Hairdressing Salon in Southwold. We spent time getting to know Helga and discussing her likes and dislikes, we discussed products for the salon, colour scheme and interior styling. All of which would eventually influence the direction of her branding. The salon was going to be an Aveda lifestyle salon and the influence of their branding was also a contributing factor to the look and feel of Helga's new salon. 

We looked at hundreds of name variants but narrowed it down to three, Helga immediately selected Serin and we began work on her identity.

The Serin made an ideal choice as the emblem for her business, as they are bright, small birds full of character and are said to be intrepid. In addition, their feathers provided a close match for Helga’s preferred colour scheme, and they are native to East Anglia. An aspect of the bird became the visual identity of the salon. We looked into commissioning an illustration but finally opted for a vector style which we designed ourselves.  

We created a brand book for Serin which detailed the brand identity, look and feel, visual and safe space guides, creative direction and tone of voice. We also worked and advised Helga on how to create an on-brand interior which echoed the feeling of her new name and identity. 

Using the brand guidelines we designed appointment cards, price lists, websites and marketing material.

Photography was a crucial step in translating the brand across different social channels and advertising. The salon played host to a shoot and then we took the models (who were also loyal customers) onto Southwold beach to create a sense of ‘how it feels' to have a Serin haircut. The natural style of Aveda and the organic natural associations with the Serin bird create a harmonious synergy. We're very pleased with how the branding and salon experience combine into a seamless experience.  


Salt London



We started working with Sofia Franc at the beginning of 2017 launching her own restaurant & hospitality consultancy and training business. When we first met Sofia we talked about her vision and aspirations for her new business and we listened.

Sofia spoke with such passion about how she inspires and enthuses others to realise they have the potential to improve their offering by uniting as a team and working together. She was very much ‘a part’ of the process, personally involved with the staff who she was helping, training, advising, mentoring and reassuring on all levels from top management to kitchen staff and service professionals. She has a friendly approach, encouraging people to feel and care more about what they do and who they do it for. Through thorough consultation, Sofia Franc is able to look at a business with perspective and reach conclusions and observations which can be applied to a personal plan of action. 

Our first brief was to create a name for Sofia's which would represent who she is / what she does and to allow for business growth over time. We started with looking at her business concept as a whole and working out her brand strategy, this formed the basis for our creative process. A brand prism was created + brand statement, competitor analysis and a thorough understanding of her target audience.

We came up with the name Salt.

This concept played on the idea that 'Sofia Franc' is the ingredient which anyone in the industry would recognise to be essential. Like Salt, Sofia brings out the best in people, adding flavour to a business and is instrumental to success.  Sofia can't work alone. She works along side others to enhance their offering, inspire everyone to work together and to create something very special, full of flavour. We felt it worked for her industry, without having to say ‘Restaurant’ or ‘Hospitality’.

The visual style was created by looking at the marks left from the impact of salt on watercolour. The salt permeates from the epicentre to the outer perimeter. We created a series of paintings which explored this technique and after many attempts we had a final set based on a selected colour palette.

Typographically, Sofia was keen to use her handwriting so we worked with her to create a sophisticated brand mark and supporting typographic treatment.

Design collateral included business cards, stationary, presentation and Word templates and a website.

Sofia is super happy with her new identity - which makes us incredibly happy too!

We've loved working with Sofia Franc and we look forward to working with her as her business grows in the future both in the U.K. and overseas.


From the moment I met Wendy, I felt that she was on my side. Getting to know me and how I approach each project in such a personal way, made me feel confident and reassured that she was going to create something very special.

Through creative ‘salt’ artwork, studying my handwriting and guiding me so patiently through the world of social media, they have shown great awareness and sensitivity.

She and Tim have helped me launch my business, Salt, in more ways than I could have imagined. They have created a brand that shows the many different elements of the business and fundamentally, how my approach to each project is personal. Salt strategy and coaching isn’t text book. It comes from understanding what drives each business and gives them the tools and support to achieve great things. Wendy and Tim truly understood this and were a pleasure to work with. Thank you.
— Sofia Franc. SALT London

Sarah Byrom HR


We have created an identity for Sarah Byrom HR as she launches her new independent HR consultancy business.  Business cards, word templates and a holding page have been created - a website is being developed along with a library of photographic images to use online and in presentations. 



We have created a new brand identity for Slate - the new name for Lawson's Delicatessen in Aldeburgh and a new shop in Southwold.

Working alongside strategy and guidance from food marketing expert Polly Robinson we have devised a strategy and identity which is inspired by the owners love of cheese, their passion for knowledge and championing British producers. 

Our concept reflects the process of discovery and the sensory and tactile nature of individual cheeses. There are many ways to visualise cheese textures and patterns associated; cutting, grating and serving. 

These prints were created during a one day printmaking course at the fabulous ART Retreat run by Samantha Barnes. While my fellow class mates were creating beautiful still lives I focussed on anything and everything I could print with which resembled cheese. Dry point etching, mono print, surface printing, collage printing etc + a eclectic mix of printmaking ephemera.  

The results were a library of prints which represent the uniques textures and qualities of a variety of cheeses and cutting techniques associates.

We worked with Rekindled by Onitha to design a Cheese grater light to hang in the window at Slate to show a clear connection to cheese as it was impractical to store cheese in the window. 

The branding has been applied to uniforms, aprons, bags, signage, packaging which we designed and a website which has been designed by a third party.






Case study

Dulcie first got in touch in May 2016 to ask for our advice on how to entice more customers into her paint-your-own ceramic studio. At the time she was trading under a name she'd inherited when she bought the business. Up until then, she had worked under the brand direction of the previous owners, staying true to their vision and their business model. After talking to her we could see that it was time to break away from this model of working and start afresh. We wanted to rejuvenate her passion and business by creating a brand new identity which encapsulated everything she loved.  We embarked on a re-brand - a new name, a new strategy and a new identity. Starglazing Ceramic painting studio was born. 

The name Starglazing plays on the idea of imagination and wonder, as well as the studio location up in the sky gallery at the Suffolk Food Hall. The star would be an emblem that Dulcie could own and which people would associate with her.

We created a look and feel for the new brand, and commissioned illustrator Cheryl Rawlings to create a beautiful bespoke piece of typography based on our designs. The result, is a very fresh, modern and elegant identity. Aspects of the branding have been brought into the studio and the tone of voice and brand ethos is apparent in all her marketing and interiors. 

Photography was important for getting customers to understand the 'feeling' of what it's like to paint ceramics in Dulcie’s light and inspiring studio. Customers often like to identify a person to a brand - Dulcie is so warm and friendly, approachable and welcoming, we felt a personal touch was important and to put a face to a brand. You matter to your business, and people remember the service and experience they have with you. So, although a little shy at first - Dulcie was happy to be photographed doing what she loves, interacting with her customers. 

The photoshoot provided all the required imagery for Starglazing’s website and marketing material. We continue to work with Dulcie, creating advertising and ongoing marketing collateral. 






Case study

We created branding and a website for Russell Appleford VFX artist as he started up his new studio TOSC*. 

*The Other Side Creative operates as a remote creative CGI and animation studio, proving high-end visual effects can be affordable.  Russell's brief to us was to create a brand presence which showed his new studio to be confident, precise, clear & professional. We have developed his brand identity and created all the material he required to launch his business.

WHAT designed our company branding and website from scratch including web-hosting and email setup. I was massively impressed by their attention to detail and depth of the design research. WHAT went to great lengths to make sure they understood our needs before starting their design process. During production they were very forthcoming in pushing the creative, while giving lots of unbiased advice on the strongest route to pursue in order to achieve the best end result. If you are looking to give your brand a creative, hassle-free makeover, I can highly recommend the talented and friendly team at WHAT.
— Russell Appleford



We have loved working with @we_are_unit over the past few months to define their brand identity and create their website. On a mission is to get everyone dancing, their work is a fusion of choreography and film and the results are amazing - check out their work - Weareunit.co.uk

We are also working with UNIT to create their marketing material to promote their productions.

UNIT is a collaborations between choreographer, Tom Hobden and film director, @kateflurrie . We are so excited to be working with this innovative company developing branding & design.


Photography @danilomoroni_ph, Design WHAT associates

UnLtd Productions


We worked with UnLtd Productions to re-design their website. UnLtd have an 'unlimited approach' to advertising production and they needed a website that conveyed their multi-disciplined directors and production options. The process began with a full survey of the existing website and a thorough discussion and questionnaire to understand what and who the website was aimed and what objectives needed to be achieved to make their new website work for our client.

The new website was created in Wordpress and the client has full control to update content, showreels and news stories.
We create training manuals for our clients to give them full control of their content management rather than charge them for updates. Although we are always on hand to help out if the client prefers. Each Wordpress website we design is bespoke and individually created from concept - design- artwork - development build for clients. 


Working with Wendy and the team at WHAT was a pleasure. A comprehensive briefing process (useful - as it asked me to ask myself questions about my own business), a sensible fee proposal, a fast turnaround and - I think - a top quality end product. The response from UnLtd’s Client base has been immediate and positive.
I can thoroughly recommend their services.
— Stephen Gash, Founder UnLtd Productions Ltd




Case study

Since 2015, we have been working with Mandy at Vanil to create an online environment which would echo the warmth and character of her beautiful shop in Woodbridge. A combination of strategy, design and photography creates the perfect insight into how Mandy curates her Scandinavian inspired accessories, gifts and home décor. Working closely with Mandy and her team, we devised a concept for her website to run parallel with the shop. 

Every 9 weeks Mandy re-dresses the shop window and introduces new products with a theme such as Land & Coast, Flora & Fauna or Food & Drink.  These now feature on her website as a theme-related blog and a shop, which is available for the duration of the window. There is also a permanent Pappelina rug shop on her website. 

Prior to each 'change over' we photograph the items as they appear at Vanil. The environment is authentic and the styling is complimentary to the products on sale. The website is a collaborative effort between stylist Emma Nunn, Vanil associate Laura Jackson Willis and the dedicated team at Vanil. 

We provided additional support to Mandy by maintaining the management of her website and training her to use the admin facility.



Creating a Vanil online shop website for me was a very scary one and I had put off doing it for a very long time. Meeting and working with Wendy and her partner Tim at WHAT associates has been a joy - they are hands on to help with questions and from our first chat about what Vanil needed they became as passionate as us. Vanil are now very proud of our online offering with beautiful photography and an easy to navigate retail experience. We are continuing to develop with the support of this fab team. Thank you.
— Mandy Leeson

Matspace, Framlingham



Branding + Design

#Matspace is a collaborative studio run by Lizzie Gibbons for all barefoot practices, yoga, pilates, dancing, kids yoga, ballet etc.

Matspace asked us to partner with them to launch their brand new studio in Framlingham. From the beginning we worked side-by-side to create an experience like no other. Rainbows and light was our brief - and we made sure this theme worked across all aspects of the studio. Working on branding, design, signage, website + interior and exteriors themes, the brand identity came to life.

A complex identity which featured a brand mark which was created using bespoke typography, with individually designed letters built on a universal grid so they form a family working together. The letters representing the eclectic mix of classes and people coming together at Matspace.

The branding and identity became a tribal call-out to like minded people and teachers to come together. A large yellow light triangle guides people to the entrance of Matspace. A rainbow of colour up the stairs separates the studio from the communal space.   

Website + Photography


Matspace's website captures the spirit of the studio's philosophy of 'no boundaries' . The site is bright and energetic (like owner Lizzie) and includes an integrated MindBody booking system. So many great teachers and classes to discover.

Photography was key to this project to capture the spirit of Matspace; the energy and diversity as well as showing the studio space and the range of classes available for everyone. We integrated the colour palette into the accessories and outfits worn by people on the shoot to give a sense of 'togetherness' and unity to the website and promotional design and marketing. The photoshoot was conducted in the studio, at Framlingham castle and also under UV light after dark. 

Late last November we found this space believe and oh my how different it looked then. We started the build in January breathing new life into the bones of the building we had no water and very little heat, it was fairly bleak and at times there were doubts, but the love, deep respect, dedication and constant laughter pulled us through. Ray and I worked 7 day weeks and often late into the night assisted by our brilliant friend Pat McGovern who did our electrics, (he’s got the power), and the wonderful Ed Holmes an awesome carpenter, (Ed Wood can make anything!)

Wendy and Tim from WHAT associates were with us all the way, deciphering our vision and making the impossible possible, also keeping us grounded, telling us ‘no!’ when we needed to hear it and in our biased opinion creating the most beautiful branding there ever was.

When in April we had almost finished upstairs we had our first photoshoot it felt real, and we were overcome by the positive reactions of the kind souls who came to model for us, all really lovely people donating their time for the cause. The photos Wendy and Tim took that day are breathtaking and we are very proud to use them in our website.

It is our dearest wish that this centre enables everyone to find a practice that makes them feel good, that we connect with each other and dissolve any boundaries between us.
— Lizzie Gibbons, Matspace Barefoot Studio

Hartland Communications



We have created a brand system and website for London based communications company, Hartland. A geometric design which portrays the Hart in the form of a deer. Created on a square grid the design can be used alone or as a tessellated pattern to use on branded marketing communications and website as their is no photographic imagery. The graphic brand system works along side a vibrant complimentary colour palette for great impact and to stand out from their competitors. 
Website : Hartland.co.uk

“In starting my own communications business I wanted to create a visual identity that was distinct from my competitors, was crisp, clear, modern and true to the company’s name.

I chose WHAT Associates because of their design expertise, their creativity and their encouragement.

The journey to create the website was interesting. I was clear what I wanted to say and I thought I was clear how I wanted it to look.  However, WHAT came up with a design which we completely individual, bold and true to the name which I couldn’t resist.

I’m really pleased with the result and had delivered on the brief 100%. Wendy and Tim are extremely professional and easy to work with.  I’d recommend WHAT Associates to anyone looking for creative and on time design.”
— Louise Evans, CEO Hartland





We have created a new brand identity for @schoolofclassicalpilates which is a purpose built, fully equipped, Pilates studio near Colchester, North Essex run by Suzanne Hill. We have loved supporting Suzanne, as she builds her new business. We're looking forward to completing her website and photographing her students in her studio. 

The graphic system represents apparatus and the sequence constantly changes to represent movement and versatility. Multiple combinations of colour and design work in isolation, together or cropped into to create an exciting/flexible brand system. The pattern can be used as one colour, or multiple colours. 12 grid spaces x 12 shapes x 4 colours = 575 combinations. 

Pilates is a physical fitness system developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates, after whom it was named. It is a system of c. 500 exercises, a combination of both mat-work and equipment. The mat-work makes up 34 exercises of the classical repertoire, the rest is experienced through the use of the apparatus-the Reformer, Cadillac, Mat/Tower and the Chair.



CocoBelle Events 


We have been working with @cocobelleevents to create their branding and create a series of invitations for their Seasonal Events business. We have commissioned the very talented @cherylrawlings and artist @phawkart to design the artwork for their identity.
We provided CocoBelle with brand guidelines, tone of voice and assets for them to design their own website and marketing material.

CocoBelle was founded by sisters-in-law Kats Scott & Laura Amos. Their exclusive Seasonal Events take place in unique venues across Essex and Suffolk; where the menu, the chef, the after-dinner speakers and the curated Art collection varies from season to season.
We can't wait to attend one of these evenings!


The Winerack, Ipswich


Branding | design | website | marketing| Brochures | hoarding | Signage

We can see The Winerack from our house and have been eagerly awaiting the completion of the development for many years. Due to the financial crisis in 2008, work stopped  when the original developer and contractor went into administration leaving only the concrete frame completed (which we actually really liked in this form). The Winerack name was born ‘so called’ because in its unclad state, the structure made up of a series of slots resembling a wine rack. 

The news that construction work on The Winerack had begun, under the new ownership, was seen as such a positive development for our town. There was much talk about the name - we’re so glad they chose to keep it.  We were so delighted when Sam Kirk, the Marketing & Design Project Manager for The Winerack, got in touch and asked us to collaborate with them to create their brand identity, design and marketing.

We met with the The Winerack’s new owners, who are very much involved in the project. Their involvement and passion for the development was inspiring and it has been such a wonderful experience to be part of their team.

We launch the branding with news that the first 11 apartments situated in Quarter 3, overlooking the waterfront, will be available to purchase off plan from October 2018 through their selling agent exquisitehome.co.uk. Once completed, The Winerack will be home to 150 apartments across 4 buildings with an amazing 8-storey, fully automated car stacker system car pack at it’s core.

To promote the building and help sell apartments off-plan, we have worked with the ownership and development team behind The Winerack to create a brand identity and marketing. Alongside a variety of assets, which includes brochures, floor plans, hoardings, website and social strategy we have also been involved in discussions with how to incorporate the identity into the building itself.

Brand Strategy explained

The geometric design represents the concrete skeleton at the core of the building and how once clad, it will be transformed into homes where the empty voids will be replaced by windows with wonderful views across the Waterfront and the surrounding area. There are four quarters which make up The Winerack - we felt this was an important factor to consider in the design as too was the positivity this development will have on our town so we included a ‘plus’ in the centre.


The environment which surrounds The Winerack is constantly changing with reflections in water, glass, buildings etc. This was a key consideration to our concept as was the big Suffolk sky, the waterfront and the views across the surrounding town and countryside. The colour palette has been lifted directly from the waterfront environment and the colours captured whilst we photographed The Waterfront, Ipswich. The dark grey colour is taken from the window frames going into the Winerack, framing the surrounding views.


Elegant typography partners with our geometric identity we have redrawn the characters to reflect the 55.5° angle used on the window angles.

Naming and numbering the apartments: We’ve created typographic identities to reference the Quarters with the apartment address numbers. The styling for these has been inspired by the way Bin numbers are represented on more contemporary wine bottles.


Visual assets for the hoardings, brochure and website have been commissioned by our client from Place Photography and CGI Architectural Visualisation has been created by Daniel Fisher.

WHAT have been asked to document the The Winerack project and build a portfolio of images which reflect the construction, the lifestyle, the environment; Ipswich, The Waterfront and beyond. We were very fortunate to be given the tour of The Winerack by the construction company, RG Carter. We were amazed by the views and the space while the site was under construction. We documented our tour and will be using the photography to tell the story of the build.

We relocated from London to Ipswich 6 years ago, one of the reasons for moving here was to embrace the life Suffolk can offer, space, great towns, beautiful countryside, coastal beaches, rivers and parks while also conveniently being commutable from the City while also moving closer to Tim’s family and his home town.

This branding opportunity allows us to promote the possibilities open to potential new Winerack residents and encourage them to discover what this beautiful county has to offer. The ‘window’ device is used throughout the design work to frame the views and create focus. The secondary graphic is used to support the main logo and add to the brand landscape. It is used as single object, overlaid on an image to create a sense of focus, or as repeating pattern. 


We have created a new website for The Winerack apartments to promote the launch of the 1st 11 apartments for sale in the Waterside 3rd Quarter. The website showcases all the cgi and floor plans. The interactive version of the brochure is also available to view and download. The website will grow and develop as the other quarters are completed over the next few months.

We are helping launch The Winerack on Social media. We have created a social strategy and assets for the launch. Follow @Thewinerackapartments on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with development details.


We've used the sequence of panels around the building to showcase the 4 quarters and reveal the story of this impressive development and the integrated car park.


We loved creating this Luxury brochure for the first 11 Waterside apartments in Q3 The Winerack
The environment which surrounds The Winerack is constantly changing with reflections in water, glass & buildings. This was a key consideration to our branding strategy and strongly influenced the design of the new brochure. 
We've used 2 foils on the cover; grey and beautiful Iridescent foiling from @foilcoltdadding diffraction patterns and movement to the cover of the brochure for the 3rd Quarter apartments. 

We wanted it to feel and look luxurious. On the cover there is a debossed repeat pattern adds texture and tactile detail. Inside @favinipapers Burano Prussian Blue has been foiled with blue metallic where the river runs through Ipswich. Transparent simulator paper differentiates between the floorplans and the content adding a transition stage. Content pages are printed on beautiful Heaven 42 soft, matt coated paper from Scheufelen. Bound together with 3 hole sewn binding with 'Winerack' Blue thread. 


Brie Harrison


We work with the artist and illustrator Brie Harrison to provide her with photography for her website and marketing.


Branding | Design | website

FilmFixer manages 16 London boroughs as well as numerous private clients and seven district councils in Suffolk. There products and services make location filming simple and sustainable, securing positive benefits for film clients and communities living in the locations. Their new identity references their existing group of ‘apps’ and builds on their innovative association.

Tim and Wendy have been nothing short of brilliant. They rapidly transformed our old clunky website into a stunning showcase and developed an ingenious brand system which has reinvigorated our image and given the confidence to achieve fantastic results. Their creativity and knowledge is accompanied with great warmth and a genuine desire to help their customers succeed.
— Mike Raymond. Marketing Manager at FilmFixer
FilmFixer new website

a new identity and website for FilmFixer.

The new brand mark is a combination of strong dynamic ‘filmic’ typography and concentric circles. The branding represents the positive ripple effect bringing benefits to boroughs, residents and film makers.  With FilmFixer at the centre of it.

We’ve also extended this branding to represent their boroughs and private clients. The rhythm of the rings is created by extending the first top edge of each character. This creates a unique pattern which works for the FilmFixer name and every location they represent. The circles can be animated and used as a graphic device across all marketing collateral, interiors and website FilmFixer.co.uk.

A predominantly monochrome colour palette, with a secondary palette of Green, Blue and Grey; representing the land, water and the urban environments FilmFixer represent. These colours work alongside a strong photographic style. 


Orwell Motorcycles


Orwell_Horizontal_Tag Line_Yellow Bike_White text.jpg

It all started when…

Orwell Motorcycles got in touch with us initially to help them with their advertising and marketing. We encouraged them to look at their brand identity to make sure how they were as a business was accurately translated in their appearance. There was a mismatch - their identity looked dated and didn’t do their offering, service and merchandise justice. We began this brand re-design process with a full audit of their current offering and then proposed a new direction which we felt accurately represented their vision for their business now and in the future.

Symbols not words

Orwell Motorcycles has become an Ikon: Clean, Modern, Simple and Adaptable. This visual shorthand is a valuable communication device for Orwell Motorcycles it connects with their customers and conveys what they do effectively. Bespoke Icons have been designed to represent every service and aspect of their business.

The colour palette   

A punchy shot of bright yellow ping colour against dark grey. Yellow is the most luminous of all the colours of the spectrum, combined with black or dark grey, it creates one of the easiest colour combinations to read and see from long distances. It also reflects the high-vis colour associated with motorbike safety.  

All passionate motorcyclists

Situated in Ipswich, Suffolk, Orwell Motorcycles is the official dealership for Suzuki + Kawasaki motorcycles. With over 35 years experience, they’re bigger than ever and their vast showroom has capacity for an ever growing supply of new and used motorbikes as well as a huge range of parts, clothing, accessories and an on-site dedicated workshop providing repairs, servicing and MOT’s. All passionate motorcyclists, they get it!

They are such a great company, so friendly and knowledgeable - hence their new strap-line:

Get on and Ride!

WHAT work

This project has involved branding, signage, interior specifications, uniform, van wraps, marketing, email marketing, photography and advertising. We are looking forward to partnering with them for the foreseeable future.