The Winerack, Ipswich


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We can see The Winerack from our house and have been eagerly awaiting the completion of the development for many years. Due to the financial crisis in 2008, work stopped  when the original developer and contractor went into administration leaving only the concrete frame completed (which we actually really liked in this form). The Winerack name was born ‘so called’ because in its unclad state, the structure made up of a series of slots resembling a wine rack. 

The news that construction work on The Winerack had begun, under the new ownership, was seen as such a positive development for our town. There was much talk about the name - we’re so glad they chose to keep it.  We were so delighted when Sam Kirk, the Marketing & Design Project Manager for The Winerack, got in touch and asked us to collaborate with them to create their brand identity, design and marketing.

We met with the The Winerack’s new owners, who are very much involved in the project. Their involvement and passion for the development was inspiring and it has been such a wonderful experience to be part of their team.

We launch the branding with news that the first 11 apartments situated in Quarter 3, overlooking the waterfront, will be available to purchase off plan from October 2018 through their selling agent Once completed, The Winerack will be home to 150 apartments across 4 buildings with an amazing 8-storey, fully automated car stacker system car pack at it’s core.

To promote the building and help sell apartments off-plan, we have worked with the ownership and development team behind The Winerack to create a brand identity and marketing. Alongside a variety of assets, which includes brochures, floor plans, hoardings, website and social strategy we have also been involved in discussions with how to incorporate the identity into the building itself.

Brand Strategy explained

The geometric design represents the concrete skeleton at the core of the building and how once clad, it will be transformed into homes where the empty voids will be replaced by windows with wonderful views across the Waterfront and the surrounding area. There are four quarters which make up The Winerack - we felt this was an important factor to consider in the design as too was the positivity this development will have on our town so we included a ‘plus’ in the centre.


The environment which surrounds The Winerack is constantly changing with reflections in water, glass, buildings etc. This was a key consideration to our concept as was the big Suffolk sky, the waterfront and the views across the surrounding town and countryside. The colour palette has been lifted directly from the waterfront environment and the colours captured whilst we photographed The Waterfront, Ipswich. The dark grey colour is taken from the window frames going into the Winerack, framing the surrounding views.


Elegant typography partners with our geometric identity we have redrawn the characters to reflect the 55.5° angle used on the window angles.

Naming and numbering the apartments: We’ve created typographic identities to reference the Quarters with the apartment address numbers. The styling for these has been inspired by the way Bin numbers are represented on more contemporary wine bottles.


Visual assets for the hoardings, brochure and website have been commissioned by our client from Place Photography and CGI Architectural Visualisation has been created by Daniel Fisher.

WHAT have been asked to document the The Winerack project and build a portfolio of images which reflect the construction, the lifestyle, the environment; Ipswich, The Waterfront and beyond. We were very fortunate to be given the tour of The Winerack by the construction company, RG Carter. We were amazed by the views and the space while the site was under construction. We documented our tour and will be using the photography to tell the story of the build.

We relocated from London to Ipswich 6 years ago, one of the reasons for moving here was to embrace the life Suffolk can offer, space, great towns, beautiful countryside, coastal beaches, rivers and parks while also conveniently being commutable from the City while also moving closer to Tim’s family and his home town.

This branding opportunity allows us to promote the possibilities open to potential new Winerack residents and encourage them to discover what this beautiful county has to offer. The ‘window’ device is used throughout the design work to frame the views and create focus. The secondary graphic is used to support the main logo and add to the brand landscape. It is used as single object, overlaid on an image to create a sense of focus, or as repeating pattern. 


We have created a new website for The Winerack apartments to promote the launch of the 1st 11 apartments for sale in the Waterside 3rd Quarter. The website showcases all the cgi and floor plans. The interactive version of the brochure is also available to view and download. The website will grow and develop as the other quarters are completed over the next few months.

We are helping launch The Winerack on Social media. We have created a social strategy and assets for the launch. Follow @Thewinerackapartments on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with development details.


We've used the sequence of panels around the building to showcase the 4 quarters and reveal the story of this impressive development and the integrated car park.


We loved creating this Luxury brochure for the first 11 Waterside apartments in Q3 The Winerack
The environment which surrounds The Winerack is constantly changing with reflections in water, glass & buildings. This was a key consideration to our branding strategy and strongly influenced the design of the new brochure. 
We've used 2 foils on the cover; grey and beautiful Iridescent foiling from @foilcoltdadding diffraction patterns and movement to the cover of the brochure for the 3rd Quarter apartments. 

We wanted it to feel and look luxurious. On the cover there is a debossed repeat pattern adds texture and tactile detail. Inside @favinipapers Burano Prussian Blue has been foiled with blue metallic where the river runs through Ipswich. Transparent simulator paper differentiates between the floorplans and the content adding a transition stage. Content pages are printed on beautiful Heaven 42 soft, matt coated paper from Scheufelen. Bound together with 3 hole sewn binding with 'Winerack' Blue thread.