Case study

Dulcie first got in touch in May 2016 to ask for our advice on how to entice more customers into her paint-your-own ceramic studio. At the time she was trading under a name she'd inherited when she bought the business. Up until then, she had worked under the brand direction of the previous owners, staying true to their vision and their business model. After talking to her we could see that it was time to break away from this model of working and start afresh. We wanted to rejuvenate her passion and business by creating a brand new identity which encapsulated everything she loved.  We embarked on a re-brand - a new name, a new strategy and a new identity. Starglazing Ceramic painting studio was born. 

The name Starglazing plays on the idea of imagination and wonder, as well as the studio location up in the sky gallery at the Suffolk Food Hall. The star would be an emblem that Dulcie could own and which people would associate with her.

We created a look and feel for the new brand, and commissioned illustrator Cheryl Rawlings to create a beautiful bespoke piece of typography based on our designs. The result, is a very fresh, modern and elegant identity. Aspects of the branding have been brought into the studio and the tone of voice and brand ethos is apparent in all her marketing and interiors. 

Photography was important for getting customers to understand the 'feeling' of what it's like to paint ceramics in Dulcie’s light and inspiring studio. Customers often like to identify a person to a brand - Dulcie is so warm and friendly, approachable and welcoming, we felt a personal touch was important and to put a face to a brand. You matter to your business, and people remember the service and experience they have with you. So, although a little shy at first - Dulcie was happy to be photographed doing what she loves, interacting with her customers. 

The photoshoot provided all the required imagery for Starglazing’s website and marketing material. We continue to work with Dulcie, creating advertising and ongoing marketing collateral.