Rekindled by Onitha



Case study

We have been working with Onitha since 2015 as she embarked on her new business of upholstery, refurbishing furniture and treasure-hunting by commission.

Our branding process might involve helping you name your company or it might be just translating your ideas into something more coherent. The more real and honest your business name sounds, the more trust you’ll be able to establish with your customers. 

Onitha had a name in mind, we encouraged her to incorporate her own name into the brand identity to communicate the size and personal nature of her business. The core branding idea encapsulated everything she stands for and makes her stand out from her competitors. Her brand mark incorporates her signature in the centre. The design is versatile enough to be implemented by rubber stamp, embossing press or printed graphic.

Onitha asked us for advice on building her profile on Instagram and how to engage with followers on social media. As photography plays an important role in growing a community on social media, we have been documenting Onitha as she works to showcase pieces of furniture for her to share - letting followers into Onitha's world and tempting them with materials, processes, techniques, tools and treasure-hunting.  

We have created a visual language and brand assets for Rekindled which can be used for marketing and any form of visual communication as Onitha requires. 

From developing my brand mark, taking beautiful photographs of my furniture, to holding my hand and helping me overcome my social media phobia WHAT associates have been instrumental in helping me launch my business. They have a knack of knowing exactly what your business needs to get started or to be reinvigorated. Tackling social media was a big hurdle for me, as I’ve always found it quite terrifying to put myself “out there” for everyone to judge. With their help and guidance I now feel much more confident and have actually found that there is a really creative and supportive community which I now feel part of, something that’s really important when you work a lot on your own. Thank you WHAT associates for giving me the confidence to believe in what I love to do!
— Onitha Jarrold