New design and signage work for University of Suffolk SU

Today we have completed the design and installation of a 30 x window graphic manifestation and new signage for the University of Suffolk Student Union HQ and shop.

Working alongside the UOS union and Jp Ada UOS Project Officer we began by creating an identity for the new shop which works across uniforms, signage and future SU collateral and compliments their existing SU brand identity. The 30 x window installation displays a map which includes Ipswich and the surrounding area of East Anglia, across the North Sea to Holland and the Netherlands. One little person was intensely studying his local geography!

Such an incredible space, we hope the project is well received.

A massive thank you to Chris, Johnny, Adam and Martin from Hudson Goup Ltd for an excellent installation and manufacturing job.

Such an incredibly tricky brief - to create window manifestations across the huge glass landscape - but we thought it would be an interesting idea to celebrate Suffolk and the surrounding landscape with a geographic installation. Tricky to design too it turns out - but we’re super happy with the results.

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