Behind the scenes on our Autumn shoot for Coes

Behind the scenes on our A/W shoot for the latest campaign for @coes_stores. The concept required a roof-top location and a head for heights! Finding a roof was the tricky bit - nesting birds proved a problem - but who knew that above Coes on Norwich road they had the perfect skyline catwalk? (Tim sadly wasn’t modelling - just a stand-in to set up the shot). It was such a great shoot, typically 30+ ° ☀️ a little warm for layering but all participants, stylists and crew did great! Check out the new A/W campaign at on social, Windows & marketing. We’ll share final campaign work and photography soon. .
Creative agency: WHAT
Client: Coes
Many thanks to Coes customers /models: @j4son_k @lau_lau73 @darrynflynn