New identity for Lockarts - Arts in mental health charity in Suffolk

We have been working with Juliet Lockhart, the founder and Artistic Director of her charity Lockarts to develop her brand identity in preparation for designing her new collateral and a new website. The Suffolk charity provides brilliant creative courses for people of all ages to improve and sustain their mental and emotional wellbeing through the arts.  We have loved working with Juliet and we look forward to a continued relationship going forward. She is passionate and caring, inspiring and motivational and we completely understand the importance of the role she and her team of artists provide. 

The identity we have created uses a template of hand cut letters. The brand mark can be realised as type only or encased in a triangle. The off-kilter, jaunty, positioning of the triangle combined with a dynamic colour palette suggests creativity and nonconformity. In the triangle, the type is breaking out so it does not appear confined or restricted. The bright and happy colour palette is harmonious in tone and the spectrum of colour will allow Lockarts to unify all the other projects they do with unlimited possibilities. The brand mark can work in bold colours but can also also be applied in white over a texture, artwork and materials. Giving Lockarts a bold brand mark which is visible and easily recognisable. 



At Lockarts we create together. We learn together, nurturing and empowering our students through creative education. We offer students a safe place where they can express themselves without fear of judgment or criticism.

Teachers at Lockarts are from professional artistic backgrounds. We whole heartedly believe Art can improve your life for the better. We offer all our students a welcoming environment which supports students through art.

We encourage curiosity about the world. Art makes us feel connected to the bigger picture of life and distracts us from the our worries and help focus the mind positively.
— Lockarts. Registered Charity No: 1163484