Coes go Wild | Coes A/W 2017

We launch the 2nd phase of Coes Wild this month with the Autumn Journal, a Coat promotion and a new twist to the visual treatment.

How we work:

Coes write us a campaign brief which outlines their objectives. 

In this case the proposition: Coes has the largest range of coats in East Anglia.

We work on a concept which will encompass all aspects of Coes visual communication during a quarterly period. In-store, Windows, Journal, marketing, digital, social media and advertising. In this case the campaign was required to run in two phases, 1st phase aimed at a young demographic of customer with a more urban appeal and 2nd phase promoting a 20% coat offer to all Coes customers. 

The idea we proposed was "WILD'  with the message being:  Coes has the coat for “Your kind of wild”. A confident statement, no perimeters with liberating and exciting possibilities. 

Coes have a very high standard of customer service and they know their customers well. They know that their coats have a broad appeal for varied lifestyles. This campaign gave us the opportunity to talk to everyone while making a strong visual impact - change perceptions and highlight the range of coats available at Coes in-store and online.


Strategy, Concept, Art direction, Design, Photography & Art work by WHAT. 

We wanted an eye catching campaign which would appeal to all customers. The masks serve as an 'alter ego' expression of the coat wearer. Pandas, buffalo, Hares, Owls, Lions, Dogs, Wildebeest, Fox etc adorn the heads of models and mannequins alike.

These amazing origami masks feature in the photography, marketing, windows and point of sale in store and on the website.  A massive thank you to the incredible display team at Coes who have agonisingly and expertly created over 50 masks for the shoot and window displays for the 4 stores over the past few months.

Thanks to all the shoot participants for grasping the concept and expressing their wild side!

Such a fun photoshoot at the funfair at  Mannings  in Felixstowe, thank you to all the staff their who gave us access to the entire park. 

Behind the scenes in the studio: