'Reflections of a Shopkeeper' Mr Coe's book celebrating 60 years of service

Great to come back to the studio and be greeted with two completed projects on the doorstep, the latest Journal and Mr Coe’s book ‘Reflections of a Shopkeeper’. Two projects which celebrate Coes and the people who work there. A massive thank you to everyone who helped us realise our vision for the book. Special thanks to Polly Robinson for interviewing and editing the book. Working together with Polly we were able to bring David Coe’s book to life. As well as a memoir, this book is an historical record of developments in Ipswich, retailing and society in the 20th C. We’d like to thank Healeys for a great print job, Anglia foil blocking and David Kindred (Kindred Spirit) for historical photography, Poole & Pattle for architects drawings.