Feeling sociable?

We try to convince all our clients to use social media for illuminating their potential buyers' with stories, glimpses and insights about who they are and what they do.

It really doesn't need to be time consuming, and thinking about the process as an evolving-sketchbook is far less daunting. Take a photo, up-load it to Instagram, share on a Facebook page or on your website and you're on the journey… Its not all about finished results.

By capturing the creative process, the materials and narrative about the work, the greater the potential there is to raise buyers’ appreciation of the work and its value.  The narrative 'how, what, why' is significant, without it, it can be difficult for the buyer to recognise the true value of your work.

When working with clients, we love photographing them talking about what they do and how their work is influenced.  I love these moments with Lulu Horsfield - she was so enthused by her work and the process and it shows.