‘We Don’t Wear Yellow’

A key member of the WHAT associates team 'T', is fundraising for Prostate Cancer UK and the ITFC Academy by taking part in the '2015 London to Amsterdam Challenge with The Football League'. Cycling 150 miles in 48hrs.

The idea for the T-shirts came from a desire to link the two sports together, cycling and football (but more specifically ITFC). In cycling the ultimate symbol of success is the yellow jersey. Obviously being town fans the thought of wearing yellow is a complete anathema. So we came up with the line ‘We Don’t Wear Yellow’, (apologies to Stowmarket Cycling Club).

Simon Milton was kind enough to arrange for the first team squad to sign a couple of t-shirts – these are being auctioned on ebay all the proceeds going to Prostate Cancer and the ITFC Academy. It’s great having a unique piece of town memorabilia we can fundraise with. The T-shirts are also available unsigned for £15 at The Greyhound, Ipswich, whom I’m proudly representing, for #TeamITFC.

We were keen to get involved in the ride as over 20 years ago 'T''s Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Thankfully he’s now fully rehabilitated - luckily he knew the signs to look for, and had an early diagnosis. We wanted to do something to help raise awareness and funds to help tackle this disease.

We're also revealing a sneaky peek of the new branding job were working on with The Greyhound Pub, Ipswich - more on that another time...