Coes Christmas campaign launch

"Sprinkle Joy. A little here. A little there. A little everywhere."

We round off this year for Coes Online with a Christmas campaign which is a celebration of joy!

The photoshoot was great fun. Copper glitter beards and glitter partings bring a joyful twist to the party. Thank you to Rococco and models Joe Lees and Sophia-Louise de Lancey.

Our festive colour palette has a backdrop of midnight blue with bright vibrant pops of colour. Inspired by wrapping paper and festive sweet wrappers we have created geometric patterns to work with design and typography.

The window concept is big, bold & fun and the Coes display team have created a theatrical, joyful display.

Glitter beard kits and all outfits are available to buy from

Creative Direction | Design | Photography

New brand identity for Bascule Equine Underwriting


Our client was looking to launch a specialist Equine insurance business. We were asked to name, brand and create design collateral for the global business. Although starting in the Equine world, the business is looking at possible expansion in the future into other high net-worth items, for example yachts. Initially the business will begin trading in the US, then the business will set up a UK / Global division.


/ˈbæskjuːl/ is the natural round arc a horse’s body takes as it goes over a jump. 

A bascule bridge (sometimes referred to as a drawbridge) is a moveable bridge with a counterweight that continuously balances a span, or “leaf”, throughout its upward swing to provide clearance for boat traffic. It may be single- or double-leafed. 

The name comes from the French term for balance scale, which employs the same principle. The name suggests strength and precision, flexibility and progression. 


The dynamic arc below the word- mark is defined as a section of two overlapping circles. The arc is dynamic and progressive, suggesting forwards motion. The heal of the ‘L’ of Bascule has been rounded to match the curve of the ‘SCU’ of Bascule. 

Colour palette.

The colour palette we’ve selected is strong, trustworthy, versatile and premium. 

The key colour 319 - turquoise is a colour which represents trust and prosperity. 

2755 acts as a secondary colour which allows the turquoise to ping. This a regal, stable colour. 

431 is a stable, solid grey and white allows the your brand to have space. 

There are two secondary colours 7408 and 199 - these will be useful for charts and diagrams. 


We’re working with our client to provide a library of images to compliment the brand identity.


Pattern and texture elements add character, distinction and style while providing originality and consistency to a brand. 

Our branding concept for Slate reflects the process of discovery and the sensory and tactile nature of individual cheeses. There are many ways to visualise cheese textures and patterns associated; cutting, grating and serving. 

These prints were created during a one day printmaking course at the fabulous ART Retreat run by Samantha Barnes. While my fellow class mates were creating beautiful still lives I focussed on anything and everything I could print with which resembled cheese. Dry point etching, mono print, surface printing, collage printing etc + a eclectic mix of printmaking ephemera.  

The results were a library of prints which represent the uniques textures and qualities of a variety of cheeses and cutting techniques associates.

The new Slate website is in production while the Aldeburgh and Southwold shops are transforming. 


Coes go Wild | Phase 2.

We launch the 2nd phase of Coes Wild this month with the Autumn Journal, a Coat promotion and a new twist to the visual treatment.

How we work:

Coes write us a campaign brief which outlines their objectives. 

In this case the proposition: Coes has the largest range of coats in East Anglia.

We work on a concept which will encompass all aspects of Coes visual communication during a quarterly period. In-store, Windows, Journal, marketing, digital, social media and advertising. In this case the campaign was required to run in two phases, 1st phase aimed at a young demographic of customer with a more urban appeal and 2nd phase promoting a 20% coat offer to all Coes customers. 

The idea we proposed was "WILD'  with the message being:  Coes has the coat for “Your kind of wild”. A confident statement, no perimeters with liberating and exciting possibilities. 

Coes have a very high standard of customer service and they know their customers well. They know that their coats have a broad appeal for varied lifestyles. This campaign gave us the opportunity to talk to everyone while making a strong visual impact - change perceptions and highlight the range of coats available at Coes in-store and online.


Strategy, Concept, Art direction, Design, Photography & Art work by WHAT. 

We wanted an eye catching campaign which would appeal to all customers. The masks serve as an 'alter ego' expression of the coat wearer. Pandas, buffalo, Hares, Owls, Lions, Dogs, Wildebeest, Fox etc adorn the heads of models and mannequins alike.

These amazing origami masks feature in the photography, marketing, windows and point of sale in store and on the website.  A massive thank you to the incredible display team at Coes who have agonisingly and expertly created over 50 masks for the shoot and window displays for the 4 stores over the past few months.

Thanks to all the shoot participants for grasping the concept and expressing their wild side!

Such a fun photoshoot at the funfair at  Mannings  in Felixstowe, thank you to all the staff their who gave us access to the entire park. 

Behind the scenes in the studio:

Coes Occasions brochure photoshoot at Easton Grange - behind the scenes

Easton Grange provided a beautiful back drop for our photoshoot for Coes new wedding and occasions brochure. Massive thank you to Models, stylists and Coes staff who were assisting on the day. Beautiful flowers by Myrtle and Mint hair and make up by  Rococco Hair and Beauty and we worked along side film maker Kate Flurrie  to create a full library of assets for web, social, and marketing. Photography, film and Design is now in production. So much work goes into the shoots: A few shots from behind the scenes.


Slate - launch announcement.

We've been working on the new branding for Slate - the new name for Lawson's Delicatessen in Aldeburgh and a new shop opening in Southwold in November.

Working alongside strategy and guidance from food marketing expert Polly Robinson we have devised a strategy and identity which is inspired by the owners love of cheese, their passion for knowledge and championing British producers. Our concept reflects the process of discovery and the sensory and tactile nature of individual cheeses.

More to follow ...




"Your Kind of Wild' Coes campaign development on website / social


On social media, followers of Coes were asked to share their own stories by using the hashtag #mykindofwild and Coes shared their photos and it gave them the opportunity to engage in discussion while promoting all the range of Brands they sell at Coes for all 'Kinds of Wild'.

"YOUR KIND OF WILD" A/W17 campaign for Coes

Our new Autumn / Winter campaign for Coes is all about doing what makes you happy and how you express #YOURKINDOFWILD. 

The aim of the campaign is to make customers aware that whatever their 'WILD' they’ll find their style at Coes this Autumn. 

Models chosen for this shoot include Verity Smith, Incredible sports woman from Ipswich who is competing in the ITU World Triathlon Championships 2017, Alyce Seaman (amazing Dancer from Lowestoft, Suffolk), Nathan Smith (Graphic designer from Suffolk) as well as Coes Menswear consultant Luke Holmes, who all have a wild side of their own!

Thank you to Carmen Vidal for make up and Chloe from Coes for excellent plaiting skills and of course the Coes marketing, display and styling team.  

This campaign has two parts, the next phase launching in October (which we're really excited about!).

WHAT: strategy, concept, design, art direction, typography, photography, social, website and window display concept.