Website and Studio launch for Matspace Barefoot Studio, Framlingham.

This week marks the launch of Matspace in Framlingham.

We have been working with Lizzie Gibbons, founder of Matspace, since November 2017, to bring her vision and studio to life. Initially branding and strategy then we created all her design collateral, studio interior and exterior design themes, marketing, advertising, photography and website.

The website combines striking imagery from our photoshoot with Matspace to bring their studio and their philosophy of 'No boundaries' to life.  The website also integrates the MindBody booking system which makes booking classes simple for both the studio and their clients. We will continue to support Lizzie with photography and design.

This quote from our client sums up the collaborative effort from all parties who have been involved in this wonderful project.

We are so happy to have thrown our doors wide, open at last, we can’t wait to welcome you in.

This journey started as a tiny seed many years ago and we have been searching for the right spot for this dream to be realised.

Late last November we found this space believe and oh my how different it looked then.

We started the build in January breathing new life into the bones of the building we had no water and very little heat, it was fairly bleak and at times there were doubts, but the love, deep respect, dedication and constant laughter pulled us through. Ray and I worked 7 day weeks and often late into the night assisted by our brilliant friend Pat McGovern who did our electrics, (he’s got the power), and the wonderful Ed Holmes an awesome carpenter, (Ed Wood can make anything!)

Wendy and Tim from WHAT associates were with us all the way, deciphering our vision and making the impossible possible, also keeping us grounded, telling us ‘no!’ when we needed to hear it and in our biased opinion creating the most beautiful branding there ever was.

When in April we had almost finished upstairs we had our first photoshoot it felt real, and we were overcome by the positive reactions of the kind souls who came to model for us, all really lovely people donating their time for the cause. The photos Wendy and Tim took that day are breathtaking and we are very proud to use them in our website.

It is our dearest wish that this centre enables everyone to find a practice that makes them feel good, that we connect with each other and dissolve any boundaries between us.
— Lizzie Gibbons, Matspace Barefoot Studio

Photography for Serin Hairdressing, Southwold

A few highlights from our shoot with Serin Hairdressing  last week, hair by Heidi, Michelle and Helga & beautiful people from local Southwold businesses modelling for us Adnams, Collen and Clare, Southwold flower co , Suzie's Beach Cafe,  UK parachuting and thank you to Swan Hotel  for letting us photograph in their hotel and garden. #thatserinfeeling 

Summer 2018 campaign launch for Coes 'Live Life in Full Bloom'

The new @coes_online Summer campaign has launched, kicking off with their journal.

This Summer, Coes are celebrating the outdoors with their new campaign “Live Life in Full Bloom”. A gentle concept which extends from the Signature Style idea of being happy with who you are and getting the best out of life.

Lots to read in this edition of the journal with expert house plant tips from @mr_plantgeek, advice on holiday capsule wardrobes, big men's brand news, and lots of gorgeous outfits from the Coes shops. 

Live Life in Full Bloom needed to resonate through the journal, in advertising, marketing, social, website and display in-store.


We’re very much looking forward to a summer like this!  #LIVELIFEINFULLBLOOM

All outfits are available to buy from Coes.
Thank you to all models: Jason, Hannah, Julie, Jordan, John, Jack, Carmen, Sarah & India.
Thank you to for the beautiful flower arrangements.

Coes Summer Journal 2018 "Live Life in Full Bloom"


Our brief for the Coes display team was to bring the outside in. The display team at Coes have done a cracking job bringing the concept to life in the window displays. From meticulously gluing moss to giant letters, to using vinyl floor tiles, exact replica tiles as those featured on the floor of the greenhouse from our photoshoot, every little detail has been considered.



We think Summer is a time to be with friends and family, braving the British outdoors and gambling with the weather. So we did! The shoot was a huge challenge, as it was arranged for the end of March. We were so lucky with the weather and also to be on location in a very beautiful house in Suffolk, with green houses and stunning gardens. Thank you to all our models/Coes customers who took part in the shoot .All of our models are chosen for their big personalities which leads to some great, genuine moments on set.  We loved photographing everyone as they got to know each other and relaxed and enjoyed their stunning surroundings.


On-site in Framlingham with the sign writer for Matspace Barefoot Studio.

Today we have been with Wayne Tanswell, Signwriter installing the signage for Matspace. It's so exciting to see the signage going up and our branding system coming to life. 

Matspace Barefoot Studio, Framlingham

Prior to meeting on-site today we met with Wayne to mix the paint in his studio to the specified 'Pantone' match. Wayne prepares a

Art for Cure event day photography

We've been volunteering at @artforcure at @glemhamhall today. Such an amazing event, Art, Photography and Sculpture + an Art Army tent of wonder to entertain the little ones. Great to be working with friends and seeing so many familiar faces during the day. It's on all weekend, a brilliant day out for the family! ☀️️☀️️☀️️Massive congratulations to everyone involved in setting up and running the event. 👍

We are big believers in team-work.

WHAT + @matspace_framlingham. Every step of the way we are on-hand to ensure the brand vision we have created for Matspace is implemented across every touch point.

We believe, our role as a creative agency, is to guide our clients and ensure that their brand identity is successful implemented across every single level for their business. 

Incredible things are created when there’s a constant exchange of ideas and interaction between us and our clients. These relationships motivate us to do our very best work.

WhatsApp is our life line! Here’s a snap shot of our ‘discussions’ over the past few months.

New identity for Lockarts - Arts in mental health charity in Suffolk

We have been working with Juliet Lockhart, the founder and Artistic Director of her charity Lockarts to develop her brand identity in preparation for designing her new collateral and a new website. The Suffolk charity provides brilliant creative courses for people of all ages to improve and sustain their mental and emotional wellbeing through the arts.  We have loved working with Juliet and we look forward to a continued relationship going forward. She is passionate and caring, inspiring and motivational and we completely understand the importance of the role she and her team of artists provide. 

The identity we have created uses a template of hand cut letters. The brand mark can be realised as type only or encased in a triangle. The off-kilter, jaunty, positioning of the triangle combined with a dynamic colour palette suggests creativity and nonconformity. In the triangle, the type is breaking out so it does not appear confined or restricted. The bright and happy colour palette is harmonious in tone and the spectrum of colour will allow Lockarts to unify all the other projects they do with unlimited possibilities. The brand mark can work in bold colours but can also also be applied in white over a texture, artwork and materials. Giving Lockarts a bold brand mark which is visible and easily recognisable. 



At Lockarts we create together. We learn together, nurturing and empowering our students through creative education. We offer students a safe place where they can express themselves without fear of judgment or criticism.

Teachers at Lockarts are from professional artistic backgrounds. We whole heartedly believe Art can improve your life for the better. We offer all our students a welcoming environment which supports students through art.

We encourage curiosity about the world. Art makes us feel connected to the bigger picture of life and distracts us from the our worries and help focus the mind positively.
— Lockarts. Registered Charity No: 1163484

Signature Style campaign launches for Coes

Signature style is a concept which focuses on the individuality of all Coes customers. 

Coes customers were invited to take part in our photoshoot, they chose outfits they love and fit with their own style from the rails at Coes and arrive in the studio ready to be photographed. No hair and make up - just as they walk in. We capture the character, confidence and individuality of every customer we photograph. We engage with them, we listen to them and we snap away while they are lost in conversation.

We don’t photoshop our models. We will not change a person’s shape, size, proportion, colour, or otherwise alter individual features.  We think Real is beautiful! 

Thank you to Felicity, Stuart, Dean, Ashley and Leila for taking part in the campaign.

Signature Style is an ongoing campaign for Coes and will feature male and female customers of all different sizes, ages and ethnicities. Coes encourage their customers to invest in quality and longevity and create a timeless sense of ‘Signature Style’ of their own.

If you are a customer of Coes and have your own Signature Style and are interested in taking part in future photoshoots please contact Amy at @Coes_online or us directly.

The campaign will appear in advertising, on website, on social, in window displays and in-store.

Creative Agency: WHAT associates
Photography. #whatassociates
Client: @coes_online 
All outfits are available to buy from Coes.

Matspace Barefoot Studio, Framlingham.


Matspace Brand identity.
We have created a new brand system for Matspace, which consists of individually designed letters built on a universal grid so they form a family working together. A complex brand system which is all coming together. #Matspace is a collaborative studio run by Lizzie Gibbons for all barefoot practices, yoga, pilates, tai chi, belly dancing, kids yoga... Launching in Summer 2018.

We're so pleased to be a part of this journey with Lizzie and we look forward to sharing more about this project.


Spring campaign launch for Coes

Coes launched their Spring 2018 campaign 'Signature Style' this week with a great offer, 20% off trousers and jeans in-store and online. A variety of styles, patterns, colours and brands to choose from (as our jaunty trousers illustrate). Quality brands. Wear them your way. 

Signature style is a concept which focuses on the individuality of Coes customers and the range of quality brands they offer, it is about expressing who you are with confidence.

WHAT: Strategy, Art Direction, Design, Illustration
Client: Coes