Website and social launch

We have created a new website for The Winerack apartments to promote the launch of the 1st 11 apartments for sale in the Waterside 3rd Quarter. The website showcases all the cgi and floor plans. The interactive version of the brochure is also available to view and download. The website will grow and develop as the other quarters are completed over the next few months.

We are helping launch The Winerack on Social media. We have created a social strategy and assets for the launch. Follow @Thewinerackapartments on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with development details.

The Winerack Apartments Website


Client: Ipswich Wharf Developments Ltd / The Winerack

Creative Agency: WHAT associates Ltd.

Website development: Electric-space

Copywriter and Marketing & Design Project manager: Sam Kirk

CGI Credits: Daniel Fisher 

Commissioned Photography: Place Photography

Our hoardings are up around The Winerack

We're at the Ipswich Waterfront watching putting up the final few hoarding panels around @thewinerackapartments - so great to see the design work reproduced in such big scale, revealing the structure, design and interior detailing. We've used the sequence of panels to showcase the 4 quarters and reveal the story of this impressive development.

Brand launch for The Winerack: A development of 150 luxury apartments located on The Waterfront, Ipswich.


We can see The Winerack from our house and have been eagerly awaiting the completion of the development for many years. Due to the financial crisis in 2008, work stopped  when the original developer and contractor went into administration leaving only the concrete frame completed (which we actually really liked in this form). The Winerack name was born ‘so called’ because in its unclad state, the structure made up of a series of slots resembling a wine rack. 

 The view of The Winerack from our house

The view of The Winerack from our house

The news that construction work on The Winerack had begun, under the new ownership, was seen as such a positive development for our town. There was much talk about the name - we’re so glad they chose to keep it.  We were so delighted when Sam Kirk, the Marketing & Design Project Manager for The Winerack, got in touch and asked us to collaborate with them to create their brand identity, design and marketing.

We met with the The Winerack’s new owners, who are very much involved in the project. Their involvement and passion for the development was inspiring and it has been such a wonderful experience to be part of their team.

We launch the branding with news that the first 11 apartments situated in Quarter 3, overlooking the waterfront, will be available to purchase off plan from October 2018 through their selling agent Once completed, The Winerack will be home to 150 apartments across 4 buildings with an amazing 8-storey, fully automated car stacker system car pack at it’s core.

To promote the building and help sell apartments off-plan, we have worked with the ownership and development team behind The Winerack to create a brand identity and marketing. Alongside a variety of assets, which includes brochures, floor plans, hoardings, website and social strategy we have also been involved in discussions with how to incorporate the identity into the building itself.

The Winerack WHAT Moodboard

Brand Strategy explained

The geometric design represents the concrete skeleton at the core of the building and how once clad, it will be transformed into homes where the empty voids will be replaced by windows with wonderful views across the Waterfront and the surrounding area. There are four quarters which make up The Winerack - we felt this was an important factor to consider in the design as too was the positivity this development will have on our town so we included a ‘plus’ in the centre.


The environment which surrounds The Winerack is constantly changing with reflections in water, glass, buildings etc. This was a key consideration to our concept as was the big Suffolk sky, the waterfront and the views across the surrounding town and countryside. The colour palette has been lifted directly from the waterfront environment and the colours captured whilst we photographed The Waterfront, Ipswich. The dark grey colour is taken from the window frames going into the Winerack, framing the surrounding views.


Elegant typography partners with our geometric identity we have redrawn the characters to reflect the 55.5° angle used on the window angles.

Naming and numbering the apartments: We’ve created typographic identities to reference the Quarters with the apartment address numbers. The styling for these has been inspired by the way Bin numbers are represented on more contemporary wine bottles.


 High visibility jackets and hard hats

High visibility jackets and hard hats

Visual assets for the hoardings, brochure and website have been commissioned by our client from Place Photography and CGI Architectural Visualisation has been created by Daniel Fisher.

WHAT have been asked to document the The Winerack project and build a portfolio of images which reflect the construction, the lifestyle, the environment; Ipswich, The Waterfront and beyond. We were very fortunate to be given the tour of The Winerack by the construction company, RG Carter. We were amazed by the views and the space while the site was under construction. We documented our tour and will be using the photography to tell the story of the build.

We relocated from London to Ipswich 6 years ago, one of the reasons for moving here was to embrace the life Suffolk can offer, space, great towns, beautiful countryside, coastal beaches, rivers and parks while also conveniently being commutable from the City while also moving closer to Tim’s family and his home town.

This branding opportunity allows us to promote the possibilities open to potential new Winerack residents and encourage them to discover what this beautiful county has to offer. The ‘window’ device is used throughout the design work to frame the views and create focus. The secondary graphic is used to support the main logo and add to the brand landscape. It is used as single object, overlaid on an image to create a sense of focus, or as repeating pattern. 


Client: Ipswich Wharf Developments Ltd / The Winerack

Creative Agency: WHAT associates Ltd.

Copywriter and Marketing & Design Project manager: Sam Kirk

CGI Credits: Daniel Fisher 

Commissioned Photography: Place Photography

Printers: Healey’s Ipswich

AW18 Campaign Launch "It's in the fabric at Coes"



Our brief was to create a campaign which celebrated 90 years of Coes being forward facing and embracing change, while still maintaining their core values.

Retail is evolving faster than ever and Coes’ customers expectations are high which is why this campaign is about more than promoting a retail space, it’s about highlighting the experience and customer satisfaction. Coes focus remains the same throughout everything they do whether it is in-store or online, they are progressive and evolving to keep up with the demands of their customers.

Coes is a family business. Their core values have been copied successfully across 4 stores Ipswich, Felixstowe, Maldon and Lowestoft and website. Their 'building blocks' decides what they are, but not who they are. All Coes shops are unique and have their own personality. Coes values remain, woven into the fabric of who they are.

Our campaign for AW18 takes the concept of DNA and how it is interwoven to form the building blocks of Coes. In our case the 4 bases are: Service. Quality. Style. Selection. Graphically we have created a unique strand design for each of these and used them to create intricate patterns and structure (The loops also look like fabric when looped together). A 4-way colour palette works with the building blocks and this colourful pattern is used to create a strong identity across all their communication platforms; The Journal, Marketing, Display, Adverting and Internet. 

It’s in the fabric at Coes to care about and appreciate good quality + style. Rewarding their loyal customers is important to their promise. With this in mind, they have curated and commissioned exclusive garments to celebrate 90 years in collaboration with carefully selected quality suppliers and makers; Santinelli Blazer, Oscar of Sweden Shirt, Sunwill Trousers and Barker Shoes and Belt.

The photoshoot took place at Orwell Park School on the River Orwell.The school was the perfect backdrop providing multiple locations and grand spaces. The location was chosen specifically for its outlook at sunset and the opportunity to capture that golden light on the riverside. British Summer wasn’t too kind to us but when the rain cleared the light was fantastic. A massive thank you to all our models (Coes customers) who participated in the shoot and special thanks to Yogi the Labrador. Thank you to the Coes team who were in charge of styling and outfit changes (not easy across a far-reaching location shoot). Thank you to Rococo Hair & Beauty for being on hand in the rain. Thank you to our nephew Jake who was in charge of umbrellas and our portable Sunshine reflector. We're delighted with the results. The photography feels authentic and evocative of an Autumn Suffolk landscape.Our studio photoshoot focussed on the 90 years collaboration where we captured the details, quality and style of the ‘Exclusively for Coes’ collection.

Client: Coes
Creative Agency: WHAT associates
Photography: WHAT associates
Models: Verity, Ryan, Miles, Frankie and Tom (and Yogi the Labrador)
Hair and Make up: Roccoco
Location: Orwell Country Park School

Coes Pattern_ 90 Years Logo_Set 1_2.jpg


Photography for St Joseph's College

We were asked to photograph the students at St Joseph’s College. We had such a great time and we were so impressed with the school. Lots of smiles!

Product photography for Bright Corner

Last week we were photographing these beautiful lamps from Bright Corner
Designed by British designer, Chloe Harrison and manufactured in the UK, they're made from natural Birch Plywood and have a real Scandinavian aesthetic. We love them! 

We love working with businesses, both big and small, across a multitude of sectors to capture their independent spirit. Every project is different. We like that!

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Behind the scenes on our Autumn/Winter shoot for Coes

Yesterday we were shooting A/W 2018 for Coes. The weather wasn't kind, but when the rain cleared Suffolk shone beautifully! Massive thank you to our nephew, Jake, who reflected what little light there was in the right direction all day, The fabulous Coes team of dressers & stylists, @rococcohairandbeauty for hair & make up & Orwell Park School for providing an incredible location & fabulous models. Lots of laughter all day! And I nearly forgot, massive thank you to Yogi  Verity’s beautiful Labrador pup 🐶 #lovewhatwedo

Feeling happy!


Suitably Sunny! The new campaign has launched for Coes online following their appearance at @jimmysfestival where the Coes team, led by the sunniest person alive @amybutcher96ran their social competition. Beautiful window displays launched today #feelingHappy #coesatjimmys ☀️️

' Feeling Happy' was the strap line which honoured the headline act of the festival "The Happy Mondays'. 

The design echoes the sentiment of the occasion as well as being in line with Coes summer philosophy. Luckily, the launch of the campaign also coincided with the return of the sunshine!

Social Media competition: The Coes team were out in force at the festival to  give revellers a chance to enter a competition to win £250 worth of Coes vouchers to spend in-store when they tagged Coes in their festival photos.  Lots of competition entries +  tags / comments on Instagram which really captured the atmosphere of the day while spreading the love for Coes.


Waterfront photography for a new branding & design project

We're so excited to be involved in a new branding project for a major development on Ipswich Waterfront. Photography plays a major role in our discovery process and the weather has been perfect for capturing the life and environment. We've had a work experience student with us for a week from Ipswich Academy, we gave her a camera and together we documented the light, textures, reflections and colours.  

New identity for Hartland Communications

Last week saw the launch of a brand system and website for London based communications company, Hartland. We created a geometric design which portrays the Hart in the form of a deer. Created on a square grid the design can be used alone or as a tessellated pattern to use on branded marketing communications and website as their is no photographic imagery. The graphic brand system works along side a vibrant complimentary colour palette for great impact and to stand out from their competitors. 

We loved hearing this feedback:

In starting my own communications business I wanted to create a visual identity that was distinct from my competitors, was crisp, clear, modern and true to the company’s name.

I chose WHAT Associates because of their design expertise, their creativity and their encouragement.

The journey to create the website was interesting. I was clear what I wanted to say and I thought I was clear how I wanted it to look.  However, WHAT came up with a design which we completely individual, bold and true to the name which I couldn’t resist.

I’m really pleased with the result and had delivered on the brief 100%. Wendy and Tim are extremely professional and easy to work with.  I’d recommend WHAT Associates to anyone looking for creative and on time design.
— Louise Evans, CEO Hartland Communications
Hartland Communications. Branding by WHAT associates Ltd
Hartland Communications. Branding by WHAT associates Ltd