We are Coes’ creative agency. We have been working with them since 2016. We devise their strategy, advertising, design collateral, marketing and photography for each of their four Coes shops and website.

Case study

Phase 1

We began working with Coes in early 2016. At this time, Coes had no formal brand guidance. After consultation we encouraged them to embark on a brand development strategy which would allow for greater unity and brand recognition across all their visual communication. 

Branding doesn't just mean 'a logo', in fact the Coes logo remained the same. We did however, synchronise the other two group store names, Goddards and Golding, so that they look like they belonged to the same family. We defined their core messaging and identity to be constantly and coherently translated across all avenues of marketing and advertising. The result of this is a much stronger brand presence. 

The Coes family of stores had grown to encompass 6 stores and three names. We devised a strategy and brand messaging that encompassed the progressive direction they were taking. We developed a unified Coes voice. A clear brand message summarised who they were, and what they stood for to give a comparable personal experience in-store, online and marketing. 

We are lifestyle photographers and could see how this style of imagery could benefit Coes and help them engage with their customers. It was important to us that the Coes personality shone through! By focusing the attention on Coes style rather than Coes brands we could use photography to replica an attitude, a feeling and character. This can build a brand identity that customers want to belong to. 

Coes work with two other creative agencies, who look after Goddards and Golding, and the results of our branding process played an essential role in how they briefed their agencies going forward. The guidelines gave Coes ultimate control and made their lives so much easier and the results were more successful, unified and 'on brand'. Our brand book provided Coes and their agencies with design guidelines setting out how Coes branding could and should be used plus a suite of resources which could be used across all aspects of their identity and communication. 

Phase 2

We have encouraged Coes to engage in campaign-driven marketing allowing a unified concept to appear within all the touch-points with their customers whether online, in-store, on social media or through direct mail and advertising.

We designed a new magazine, The Coes Journal, as an expression of the Coes’ brand. Our photography excels the virtues of how it feels to wear the brands they sell with content that is interesting and insightful. Copy is consistent with the brand tone-of-voice so the result is that it looks, feels and reads like Coes.

We are currently implementing their brand identity in store through bags and packaging, a Winter/Summer sale identity and stationery. We designed a custom typeface for the Sale brand identity that remains uniquely Coes whilst standing out from their competitors. 

The process we have been through with Coes, has effectively delivered coherence across their family of stores whilst also making their marketing more efficient and cost-effective. 


WHAT from the outset, helped us to look at the DNA of our organisation and have built an advertising strategy based around that. The time and effort reviewing who we are and what we stand for has manifested itself into campaigns that are targeted and have a great resonance with our customer base. There attention to detail and ability to continually review each piece to ensure it is in keeping with the overall script is outstanding. But most importantly they are a pleasure to work with.
— William Coe