Coes Spring Journal 2017

This quarterly journal is a celebratory issue.  It felt right to celebrate with family and colleagues and capture the incredible spirit and personality of Coes. All models, in this issue, work at Coes or are related to the Coes family. We love this issue and considering the entire photoshoot was conducted during a storm we are very pleased with how the photography captures the celebratory mood. We commissioned typographer Cheryl Rawlings to create type which was inter-woven throughout the design and photography and will feature along side our photography in window displays and on the Coes website.

Photography, Art direction & Design: © WHAT associates

Many thanks to Sub editor: Lyn Peters, Flowers Myrtle and Mint , Typographer Cheryl Rawlings, Plant expert: Mr Plant Geek

'Reflections of a Shopkeeper' Mr Coe's book celebrating 60 years of service

Great to come back to the studio and be greeted with two completed projects on the doorstep, the latest Journal and Mr Coe’s book ‘Reflections of a Shopkeeper’. Two projects which celebrate Coes and the people who work there. A massive thank you to everyone who helped us realise our vision for the book. Special thanks to Polly Robinson for interviewing and editing the book. Working together with Polly we were able to bring David Coe’s book to life. As well as a memoir, this book is an historical record of developments in Ipswich, retailing and society in the 20th C. We’d like to thank Healeys for a great print job, Anglia foil blocking and David Kindred (Kindred Spirit) for historical photography, Poole & Pattle for architects drawings. 


Coes | Made to Measure - Identity and brochure design and photography.

Coes launched their Made to Measure service in March 2017.

We devised a brand strategy and campaign to launch the Made to Measure department.

The message is centred around ‘the perfect fit’: Physically fitting as well as fit for purpose and lifestyle.

We designed a brand identity, suit label, signage, brochure, mailer, and advertising while art directing window graphics, emails and the hub website page.

The whole campaign fits into a wider campaign for the store ‘The Perfect Fit for Life’ with will cover the first 6 months of 2017.

To work seamlessly with this concept we chose to photograph Team GB hockey goalie, George Pinner and his father David Pinner.

Thank you for a superb print job  Healey's

Coes: The perfect fit for life

We've been working with Coes Online for their 1st campaign for 2017.

The campaign had two aims, encourage Coes customers to join Marltlesham Gym, and make Martlesham Gym customers and Coes customers better informed about their newly refurbished sports department and range of sportswear.

We devised the strategy, produced the photography and created the design work to work across all customer touch points including: windows, website, social media, posters and flyers. The flyers and posters were targeted to two separate groups 1) existing customers of Coes and 2) Current clients of Martlesham leisure.

The whole campaign fits into a wider campaign for the store which will cover the first 4 months of 2017.

Creative Direction, Design, Photography for advertising, windows, Digital.

Great to be photographing both Verity and Paul and a massive thank you to Martlesham Leisure for giving us access to their excellent facilities for the day.